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Adult Airfit Trampoline Fitness

Adult Airfit Trampoline Fitness

AirFit - Trampoline Fitness

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AirFit - Trampoline Fitness an amazing new concept in physical fitness and aerobic workouts. Imagine combining the fantastic workout of jumping on a trampoline (which burns up to 800 calories per hour), with the thrill of bouncing around in Airborne Trampoline Worlds JumpZone trampoline park.

AirFit is a revolutionary new program which is completely instructed by Airborne's very own certified fitness trainer, Clair Whitelock. Claire has combined the aerobic workout of jumping on Jumpzone’s 30+ trampolines with strength and stability drills, and felixibility training. This program provides a full body workout while improving flexibility and buring calories, FAST! 

If you havent experienced the physical workout of jumping on a trampoline, youre missing out.

Don't take our word for it.