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Special Needs Trampoline Classes

Special Needs Trampoline Classes

Special Needs Trampoline Classes

Airborne Trampoline welcomes all participants including those with developmental and/or physical disabilities. Jump over and check out Airborne’s Special Needs Trampoline Classes today. Airborne guarantees each participant their own trampoline for the full hour with the assistance of an Airborne Gymnastics Ontario Certified Trampoline Coach or JumpZone Ref hosting the class.

Sessions are ongoing from September through June. Sign up today!

Online Registration Opens July 20th, 2017

or call (905) 836-9091

What Are Airborne's Special Needs Trampoline Classes

Since 2004, Airborne Trampoline World Newmarket has hosted fantastic Special Needs Trampolining programs. With a Gymnastics Ontario certified trampoline coach or JumpZone Ref hosting every trampolining hour, Airborne's special needs jumpers get easy going jumping fun throughout the hour long class. Our jumpers can choose to learn fun trampoline tricks, play trampoline games, or simply bounce around and have fun. Airborne's special needs trampolining classes always guarantee a private trampoline for each jumper and offer a reduced sensory experience with low or no music and lighting reduced to a minimum.

Furthermore, Airborne offers the special needs trampolining programs outside the times when other high intensity programs are beginning or ending. This ensures that our special needs jumpers never feel intimidated at the beginning or end of their program and facilitates an easy transition from home to trampoline and back again.

The Health Benefits Of Special Needs Trampolining

Special Needs Trampoline Classes are an excellent way to improve spacial awareness, cognitive abilities, and overall well being of our jumpers. In fact, studies show that after 20-30 mintues of jumping on a trampoline, the white blood cell count in the body increases dramatically. This gives the body a better chance of fight off diseases and viruses as white blood cells are the front line in of your immune system. 

The trampolining motion helps stimulate all internal organs. It moves the cerebral spinal fluid and aqueous fluid within the eyes while doing wonders for the intestines. The immune cells such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages are self propelled by amoebic action. As a result, all the cells in the body become stronger in response the increased G force during trampolining. This cellular exercise results in the self propelled immune cells becoming up to five times more active. These cells are responsible for eating viruses, bacteria, and even cancer cells. The more active the better!

Best of all, trampolining burns up to 800 calories an hour! Lose weight, increase immune functions, and improve spacial awareness/ cognitive abilities. Amazing! 

What Types of Special Needs Can Enjoy

Or Even Benefit From Trampolining

Trampolining is an incredibly versatile sport. It is low impact, high intensity, and great for the overall function of the mind and body. You might be surprised by how many different special needs conditions can enjoy all the health benefits of trampolining. They include...


Downs Syndrome

Attention Deficit / Hyper Active Disorder

Pervasive Development Disorder

Visual Impairments

Cerebral Palsy

Deafness and Hearing Loss

Emotional Disturbance


Intellectual Disability

Learning Disabilities

Severe and or Multiple Disabilities

Speech and Language Impairments

Traumatic Brain Injury


Please note that Downs Syndrome participants may be predisposed to a condition that may make them easily susceptible to serious injury by participating in any sport. Click HERE to find out more.

Times & Pricing

One Hour, Once Per Week, For 10 Week Sessions.


$120.00 + H.S.T. Per 10 Week Session (JumpZone)