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Total Trampoline Class

The Total Trampoline Class

Did you know that trampolining burns up to 800 calories an hour? Are you ready for the complete trampoline experience? Sign up for Airborne’s NEW Total Trampoline Class and experience the newest Olympic sport of Trampolining. 

Airborne’s Total Trampoline Class takes a maximum of 6 jumpers per class to ensure that every jumper receives their own trampoline for the entire class. This allows Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario certified trampoline coaches to work one on one with each jumper for twice as long, achieving twice as many results, burning twice as many calories, and having twice as much fun.

Members of Airborne's Total Trampoline Class receive

Unlimited FREE Public Jumping Sessions

to practice and show off their skills.*

Prices & Fees


+ H.S.T. Per Month

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How Does Airborne’s Total Trampoline Class Work?

Airborne’s Total Trampoline Class is geared towards ALL skill levels. The jumpers work their way through Airborne’s Trampoline Skill Level system originally created by the Canadian Olympic Trampoline Coach, Dave Ross. These levels begin with the basics of trampolining including seat drops, tuck jumps, stomach drops, back drops, and eventually progressing up to basic front, and back flips. To pass each level, Airborne jumpers must complete a challenging routine of skills and tricks learned during their current level. Always under supervision of Airborne’s Gymnastics Ontario Certified trampoline coaches who work one on one with Airborne’s jumpers to ensure that every class participant progressed at their own pace.

Once our jumpers complete a level, they will receive an Airborne Trampoline Class Ribbon to take home. After completing all 9 Levels in Airborne’s Bronze Medal system, our jumpers will receive an official Airborne Bronze medal engraved with their name and the date of their achievement. Then, its on to the Silver, and Gold medal levels.

Additional Info

Airborne guarantees a minimum of 4 classes per month,

Months without 4 classes due to Holidays etc… will be pro-rated.

* $30 Annual Membership Fee to Gymnastics Ontario is required.

G.O. Membership runs from July to June.

* Unlimited Public Jump Sessions are for the Total Trampoline Class member only. Reservations must be made in advance. Unlimited Public Jumping does not include instruction. 

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Total Trampoline Class