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Day Camp

2018 /19 PA Day & Holiday and March Break Camp offered:

Oct 26, Nov 16, Dec 27 & 28 and Jan 2 - 4 (single or multiple day registration available), Jan 25, Mar 11 - 15, Apr 12, May 31.

Holiday Camp

Summer Camp 2018 

Airborne Trampoline KW offers a unique experience that combines one-on-one lessons where your children will safely learn the Olympic sport of Trampoline from certified coaches using a custom level system with 20 ribbons. Everyone also gets to go in our fly high bungee and play trampoline games like frisbee and relay races. This is accompanied by a daily outing or show such as Laser Tag, Grand River Rocks, Cosmic Bowling, Mini-golf, Swimming, Reptile Shows, Magic Shows, Science Experiments, Pizza & Movie days along with many other outdoor or indoor sports and activities.

Airborne Camp Counsellors are fully certified trampoline coaches (NCCP & Gymnastics Ontario).

Book weekly or daily.

For Ages: 5-14

Drop-off: 9amCertified Trampoline Coaches
Pick-up: 5pm
Extended Hours: 8-9am & 5-6pm


Weekly: $5.98 / hour per child for weekly bookings. ($239 per week and includes all activities, trips, pizza on Friday, etc.)

Daily: $6.50 / hour per child ($52 per day + trip fee of $13 if applicable & $5 pizza charge if on Friday).

Extended Hours: $5 per hour.

Summer Calendar of Events

All trips are by school bus. GRR: Grand River Rocks - Rock Climbing. 
Camps with Grand River Rocks must be booked with them at http://grandriverrocks.com/camps/ or by calling 519-742-1389.

Bounce and Climb Camp Weeks

During the weeks of July 3-6, Aug 7-10, and Aug 27-31 we are doing an exciting cross-camp with Grand River Rocks (GRR). The 3 Bounce and Climb weeks are currently FULL. 4 day weeks are $199 and the 5 day week is $249. Campers will spend half the day at GRR indoor rock climbing gym. They will learn rock climbing techniques through a series of games, challenges, and exploration. The other half of the day will be spent at Airborne learning skills on the trampolines, jumping for fun in cosmic lighting, playing trampoline games, and flying high in Airborne's bungee! A bus will provide transportation. Drop-off and Pick-up will be at GRR. 
Gymnastics Ontario Membership Fee$28.32 per child. This one time annual Gymnastics Ontario membership fee is mandatory for all participants signing up for more than 3 days of camp. This is the same fee that is required for Rec Classes as well as other activities and is paid only once for the year (July-June) and is transferable to or from other gymnastics clubs.
DepositA $50 deposit is required upon booking for each week registered, or $10 per day. (Deposits are non-refundable without a doctor’s note, but can be transferred if necessary up to two week's prior to the week booked.)
All prices exclude applicable HST.

Click HERE to register Online

Click HERE for Online Waivers

Things to know for camp:
1. Please scroll down to what to wear below.
2. Electronic waivers must be filled out and signed.
3. All trips and activities are subject to change in case of illness of show provider or venue closure. We will do our best to keep you informed.
4. All trips are made using a school bus.
5. Please bring your own lunch, snacks, and drinks every day except Friday.
6. Please do NOT bring any peanut products to camp.
7. Please leave MP3 players, cell phones, or any other electronic equipment at home as we are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage.
8. Our staff will always have a phone on them in case there is need to contact anyone.
9. Bring a hat and / or wear sunscreen as we do outdoor activities.
10. Trampoline time is instructed and supervised by our fully certified trampoline coaches.
11. Due to the nature of our camp program, we regretfully cannot accept children with special needs or those suffering from severe allergies unless they are accompanied by a caregiver or parent (the caregiver or parent would have to sign a waiver and would have to pay for trip costs but not as a camper and cannot jump on the trampolines). Airborne also offers special needs classes and group bookings throughout the week and on weekends at a discounted rate.

What to Wear

  • Socks
  • Track pants/Shorts
  • T-shirt/Sweat shirt
  • Comfortable athletic clothing
  • Hair tie for long hair
  • Jeans
  • Dress pants / Dress/Skirt
  • Belts / Hats / Watches
  • Jewellery (Stud earrings are okay)
  • Shoes


To make Airborne as safe as possible, special rules have been developed to prevent possible injury.

1.Obey the coaches at all times.
2.Only one person at a time on a trampoline. (We take turns)
3.No flips without the coaches permission. (Flips include anything going over your head)
4.Do not jump off of a trampoline onto any other surface or onto another trampoline. (You must stop jumping and step off)
5.Control before height. (Crash prevention)
6.No foreign objects allowed on the trampolines. (No balls, toys, water bottles, shoes, books, etc.)