Parents, it’s that exciting time of the year again! Airborne Trampoline KW in Cambridge is thrilled to announce the opening of its 2023 trampoline classes. Whether your child is a budding trampoline enthusiast or an aspiring competitive athlete, we have the perfect program tailored to their needs.

Recreational Trampoline Classes

At Airborne Trampoline KW, we believe in introducing the joy of trampolining to all ages. Our recreational classes are designed to cater to everyone, from beginners to advanced jumpers, aged 2 to
102. Our certified NCCP coaches ensure that each student receives personalized attention, focusing on safety, skill development, and fun. With 20 skill levels to progress through, students are rewarded with a ribbon for each level they master.

For our adult and teen jumpers, we offer specialized classes that not only provide a fantastic workout but also a fun and social atmosphere. Trampolining is an excellent way to improve agility, coordination, stamina, and more. And for those looking to add a twist to their trampoline experience, our freestyle classes are perfect for skiers, snowboarders, and thrill-seekers.

Parents with younger children aged 2-5 can also join in the fun with our Parent & Tot classes or in a regular class. It’s a wonderful bonding experience and a great introduction to the world of trampolining.

Learn more about our recreational classes here.

Competitive Trampoline Classes

For those looking to take their trampoline skills to the next level, our competitive program is second to none. Airborne Trampoline KW is proud to be recognized as the highest-scoring team in Ontario for three consecutive competition years. Our competitive team has not only won numerous awards but has also trained athletes who have clinched Olympic medals for Canada.

Why choose Airborne KW for competitive trampolining?

Whether you’re just starting out or aiming for national competitions, our program caters to all levels. We also offer pre-competitive classes for those transitioning from recreational to competitive trampolining.

Discover more about our competitive program here.

Why Choose Airborne Trampoline KW?

When it comes to trampolining, Airborne Trampoline KW stands out for a multitude of reasons that make it the go-to facility for both the public and the gymnastics community. Here’s why you should choose Airborne Trampoline KW:

Comprehensive Programs

From recreational to competitive classes, Airborne offers a wide range of programs to suit everyone’s needs. Special needs classes, group bookings, public jumps, and day camps are also available, ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment.

Certified Coaches

All of Airborne’s Olympic Trampoline coaches are certified by N.C.C.P and Gymnastics Ontario, ensuring that you’re in safe and capable hands.

Safety First

Airborne specializes in a SAFETY FIRST approach, boasting an excellent safety record across all its programs. Airborne employs qualified trampoline coaches who are passionate about the sport.

Over Two Decades of Experience

With a history dating back to 1994, and the KW location opening in 2011, Airborne has over 20 years of experience in perfecting its trampoline programs. This includes specialized camps during Summer, March Break and Winter Break.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Airborne’s facilities are equipped with Olympic trampolines, crash mats, and high-quality gymnastics/trampoline equipment, all manufactured locally in Canada. These trampolines offer a superior bounce, thanks to patented springs and bedding.

Join Us Today!

Parents, if you’re seeking a safe, fun, and rewarding activity for your child, look no further. Airborne Trampoline KW is committed to delivering excellence in trampoline training. With our experienced coaches, state-of-the-art facilities, and a track record of success, we promise an unparalleled trampolining experience. Sign up today and let your child soar to new heights!

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