Welcome to Airborne Trampoline KW!

Experience Airborne Trampoline in Cambridge / Kitchener, Ontario!

Airborne Trampoline KW is a family owned professional trampoline gym located between the borders of Cambridge and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and is a proud member of Gymnastics Ontario. All of Airborne’s coaches are fully certified by Gymnastics Ontario and NCCP.

Winter Recreational Classes are OPEN FOR SIGNUP!

Our exhilarating recreational trampoline lessons cater to participants of all ages, starting from as young as 2 years old.

Our experienced instructors create a supportive and engaging environment, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Trampolining not only provides a fantastic workout but also boosts coordination, balance, and confidence. Sign up today and don’t miss the chance to defy gravity and soar to new heights with Airborne Trampoline.

Private Party on Olympic Trampolines & Birthday Child goes in Bungee (optional). Led by NCCP certified Coaches.

Learn the Olympic sport of Trampoline from our talented and NCCP certified coaches.

Want to take this amazing Olympic sport to the next level? Click here to join our Airborne Trampoline Team!

Bring your friends and family to jump for fun on our big & bouncy Olympic trampolines. Warm-up and session supervised by NCCP certified coaches.

Sign up for Day Camp! Trampoline lessons, games, bungee rides & exciting trips and entertainment.

Reserve the gym for up to 24 of your friends, team, school group, etc., for one hour. Supervised by NCCP certified coaches.


Call us or email for more information: (519) 653-7713 •  info@airbornekw.com