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Competitive Team

Airborne’s Competitive Teams have won many medals and awards in the sport of Trampoline, and have trained athletes that have gone on to win Olympic medals for Canada. If your child is looking to compete in this most exciting Olympic sport, please make an appointment to schedule your tryout.

Why Airborne for Competitive?

*Barring any illness, etc.

About Competitive Trampoline:

Whether you jump in your back yard or take lessons, if you like doing trampoline and want to take it to the next level, then competitive trampoline is for you.

No experience is necessary. Our talented coaching staff will teach you everything you need to know. Competitive trampoline is very different than our recreational classes as it involves a longer warm up, focuses on form, technique, and skills, as well as some body strengthening and stretching which is necessary to progress and stay healthy. 


Check out this short video from Rogers TV which features our competitive team training (the Elite Class) with focus on athlete Gabriel Carvalho and Head Coach, Chris Martin.  Link to video.


Competitive tryouts are required before becoming a member of our team. There are no set dates and you can make appointments with our Head Coach Chris at any time during the year. Tryouts take around 10 minutes and are more of an assessment and an opportunity to meet with the athlete and parents. If you are currently on the team, you do not have to try-out again.

Levels: There are 3 categories of competitive trampoline:

1. Interclub – This introductory category has 3 levels. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Interclub is structured around competing at any trampoline or gymnastics club that decides to host their own competitions. These competitions are called Invitational Meets and are a great opportunity to compete for fun.

2. Provincial – This category is the official Ontario Provincial competitive stream. There are 4 Provincial levels. 1, 2, 3, and 4 with one being the lowest and 4 being the highest. Athletes compete at 3 qualifier competitions and the Ontario Championships at the end of the season. There is also an opportunity to qualify for Eastern Canadian Championships. Provincial athletes can also compete at any Interclub competitions that offer Provincial levels.

3. National – This category is for the elite trampolinist. National athletes compete all over Canada and the world. There are 5 National levels: National, Espoir, Junior, Open, and Senior.

Training: The competitive training season starts at the beginning of September and ends at the end of June each year. We also have a summer season of July & August. Training consists of a minimum of 2 classes per week. 

For pricing and classes please click on the link below. Please note, we do NOT request or require volunteer hours, fundraising, etc., from the parents or athletes. 

Click HERE for 2017 / 2018 Summer and School Year Schedules

ATKW Competitive Information Package – Prices, Structure, etc.

What to Wear

  • Socks
  • Track pants/Shorts
  • T-shirt/Sweat shirt
  • Comfortable athletic clothing
  • Hair tie for long hair
  • Jeans
  • Dress pants / Dress/Skirt
  • Belts / Hats / Watches
  • Jewellery (Stud earrings are okay)
  • Shoes


To make Airborne as safe as possible, special rules have been developed to prevent possible injury.

1.Obey the coaches at all times.
2.Only one person at a time on a trampoline. (We take turns)
3.No flips without the coaches permission. (Flips include anything going over your head)
4.Do not jump off of a trampoline onto any other surface or onto another trampoline. (You must stop jumping and step off)
5.Control before height. (Crash prevention)
6.No foreign objects allowed on the trampolines. (No balls, toys, water bottles, shoes, books, etc.)