Recreational Classes at Airborne Trampoline KW 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to compete in the Olympics? It may seem like a far fetched idea, but with enough determination and hard work, anyone can become an Olympic athlete. Here at Airborne Trampoline, we’re dedicated to creating a fun and prosperous environment for those interested in learning the sport […]

Airborne’s Indoor Trampoline Gym

Airborne’s Indoor Trampoline Gym Do your kids love jumping? Do they cry and whine for you to sign them up into programs at an indoor trampoline gym? GREAT! Trampolining  is a fantastic way to get active and Airborne Trampoline is the perfect trampoline facility for you. Airborne Trampoline has locations in Vaughan, Newmarket, and Cambridge and specializes […]

Tips to Avoid Back Yard Trampoline Injuries

Trampoline safety is a big issue these days. Many families have purchased back yard trampolines (similar trampolines to those found at trampoline parks such as Sky Zone) for their house, and are trying to figure out what’s safe and unsafe to do on the trampolines. Just like with any other sports, there are many ways […]

Foam Rolling & Trampolining

Foam Rolling & Trampolining “Soft Myofascial Release” is not a very self-explanatory name. But fear not, it’s simply a fancy term for self massage to aid in muscle tightness and/or trigger points. So let’s introduce you to the more common term known as “foam rolling” and how to use it in a huge variety of […]

Happy Birthday George Nissen (Inventor Of The Trampoline)

George Nissen Day @Airborne Trampoline On February 3rd, the Gymnastics and Trampoline community takes a moment to appreciate the late George Nissen by celebrating George Nissen Day. For those of you who don’t know, George Nissen was the inventor of the modern day trampoline. Without George, Airborne Trampoline and many other gymnastics and trampoline facilities […]

The 4 Trampoline Safety Rules!

Airborne Indoor Trampoline Coach

The 4 Trampoline Safety RULES There is a lot of talk going on about trampoline facilities and their safety. The majority of responses on these issues come from hired PR managers who are trained in the art of spinning negative feedback into something easier to swallow. When you cut through all the smoke and mirrors, a […]

Trampoline Gymnastics In Newmarket Aurora : Success Is All In The Brain!

Trampoline Gymnastics In Newmarket Aurora: Success Is All In The Brain! If any of you have tried Trampoline or Gymnastics in Newmarket Aurora, you will know that the experience of bouncing on a trampoline is obviously different for each of us. Like swimming or eating ice cream; it is very subjective and specific to the […]

Five Fears Newmarket Gymnastics Athletes Must Over Come – Part 2

Five Fears Newmarket Gymnastics Athletes Must Over Come Part 2 – Newmarket Gymnastics Fear of performance in Newmarket Gymnastics & Trampoline Athletes This section must be segmented into three parts as the implications of being afraid of failure are vast. Much more than these paragraphs are required to cover the psychology of performance; here […]

Trampoline Tricks & Flips – The Importance Of Instruction Part 3

Trampoline Tricks & Flips – The Importance Of Instruction Part 3 Welcome back to Airborne’s ongoing blog about the safety involved in Trampoline Tricks & Flips. If your new to this article, we’ve been covering everything involved in learning how to safely and professionally perform trampoline tricks & flips. Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge’s level 2 certified […]

Five Fears Trampoline and Gymnastics Athletes Must Over Come

Five Fears Trampoline and Gymnastics Athletes Must Over Come Fear is a very powerful feeling. It governs mush of our natural behaviour; it is at times an engine for behaviour, and as such, often misunderstood. It is seen by many as something that we need to eradicate from our experiences or that by some […]