These are just a few of the great testimonials our customers leave us! We’d love to hear about your own experience with Airborne Trampoline! Please feel free to leave us a testimonial here.

“ I just had my 6 year old’s birthday party there and it was the best party ever. It is structured, safe, and a ton of fun for the kids. The staff were incredibly helpful & very organized. We will definitely be back. ”

Joan H. – Ontario

“Airborne is my second home! The first time I went was my best friend’s birthday at 7 years old and I immediately fell in love with trampoline! I went to birthday parties, recreational classes, summer camps, and now I am 18 years old on the competitive team! It is safe, fun, and the coaches are encouraging, accepting of everyone and super kind! It changed my life for the better and I definitely recommend Airborne to all ages! You won’t be disappointed!!”

Sophie M. – Kitchener, Ontario

“Great place! Took the kids for an hour of open jump on March Break and they loved it. Great value, helpful staff, and fun times.”

Bryan P. – Ontario

“I had my daughter’s birthday party there and it was very fun and well structured. I was very impressed and will be going back.”

Mayuri O. – Ontario

“Airborne is one of the best gyms I’ve had the privilege to work for. Over my 10+ years as a coach I’ve never found a facility that has felt quite the same. Focusing on strong physical development while keeping things fresh and fun is not an easy task but ATKW has done it so well.”

Ryan L. – Kitchener, Ontario

“Great atmosphere, friendly staff, well structured. Felt comfortable and safe being a first time jumper. Fun for all ages. Can’t wait to return.”

Customer – Oshawa, Ontario

“Awesome! So much fun. As a mom of a couple of young kids, they haven’t had more fun than this place. Great place, good prices, friendly staff.”

Alexandra S. – Ontario


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