If you’re looking for a fun & exciting summer camp to send your kids to in the next few months, you’ve got to check out Airborne Trampoline’s 2023 summer camp offerings in Cambridge. With Olympic sized trampolines, skilled instructors, and a wide variety of fun events, your child will have a summer they’ll never forget! 


Our certified coaches teach competitive trampoline skills in a safe, professional, and adrenaline-pumping manner. After one-on-one coaching sessions, kids enjoy trampoline freedom. They relay race against each other, toss frisbees mid-bounce, or try our fly-high bungee. A daily outing follows each camp day to the Funvilla, Playgrounds Parkour, Roberto the Magician, and a weekly movie day with pizza. 




Our summer camp ensures safe travels with a school bus to escort your children to each daily outing like the Funvilla. Funvilla transforms trampoline free time and turns it into a sport. Kids can jump around with new friends at this indoor fun house. 


Keep your worries caged away because it has plenty of space for every kid to bounce, hop, and skip without crashing and tumbling into each other. With events like free jumping and basketball, Funvilla’s indoor trampoline park will turn your child’s imagination into wings. What better way than to jump like basketball stars and slam dunk at heights NBA stars dream to touch. 


Playgrounds Parkour 


Does your child have an abundance of energy? Worry not. Our summer camp’s 2023 outing to Playground Parkour will burn off all that extra energy. Their great coaches teach children the fundamentals of landings and jumping from objects to perform tricks safely. The obstacle course keeps an excellent competitive atmosphere between friends. Watch your child enjoy performing flips and twists as they dash toward the end of each obstacle. 


Wacky Science Show 


Maybe your child’s worn out from the joy of jumps. Welcome Dr. Science, who performs different science experiments in his 45-minute show. The Vinegar Volcano? Check. Slime? Check. What about a Van De Graaff Generator. Put your hand on it, and the science of electricity spikes hair like a porcupine. Dr. Science elevates your child’s knowledge, entertains curiosity, and creates an interactive learning environment. 


iBowl Cosmic Bowling 


Never heard of Cosmic Bowling? Lower the lights, increase the neon, pump up the music, and repeat it with us, Cosmic Bowling. One outing our camp offers gets your child grooving to songs with friends before they touch the pins. An experience your children won’t forget! The lights laser in the alley, and each bowling equipment glitters with bright lights—a party where the pins, balls, and even shoes join in with the light show. 


Roberto The Magician 


Roberto’s magic will mystify you, not just your child. A skilled magician with over 20 years of experience will perform tricks for children that would surprise people of all ages. He shares acts that shock audiences and make people truly believe in magic. 


Contact and Prices


Located at 115 Saltsman Dr. Unit #11, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7


For children ages: 5-14 


Drop-off: 9 am (early drop-off 8-9)


Pick-up: 5 pm (late pick-up 5-6)


Prices: Weekly bookings only


$259 per week & includes all outings, activities, in-house shows, and pizza on Friday. A onetime camper Gymnastics Ontario fee is required and is $15.


Extended Hours: $8 per hour.


Summer Camp Schedule


Airborne Trampoline Summer Camp 2023 Schedule

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