Are you a trampoline lover that’s looking to take your abilities to the next level? The competitive team at Airborne Trampoline is looking for new members, and you could be one of them! We welcome those of all skill levels, meaning no experience is necessary. Our team is led by super talented coaches that are loved by all of their students! If you’re interested in joining the team you’re more than welcome to make an appointment with our head coach to try out. Tryouts  are generally a way to meet the athlete and their family, and may include a general assessment of trampoline ability. Usually they don’t take more than 10 minutes, and can be scheduled at any time throughout the year.


Why Should You Join The Airborne Competitive Team?


Here at Airborne Trampoline, we’re dedicated to creating a fun and stress free environment for all of our athletes. Our coaches have decades of experience training young athletes, and have sent athletes to the Olympic games! Not to mention, members of our team get exclusive access to our olympic trampolines when training. Did you know that our athletes are given the most trampoline time in the entire region? 


Airborne Trampoline maintains incredibly high standards with respect to our coaching staff. Our coaches are all incredibly experienced, and are all certified by the NCCP. All of our coaches are trained to coach at Interclub level 3. Did you know that Airborne’s competitive trampoline team was Ontario’s highest scoring team in both the 2017/18 season and 2019 season (the 2020 and 2021 competitions weren’t running due to COVID-19)?


How Do Competitive Trampoline Levels Work?


Like most competitive sports, competitive trampoline is a structured sport that separates athletes by level and category. There are three categories, all of which have their own set of levels. We’ve put together a list below for reference.


The Interclub Category


Generally athletes in the Interclub category compete at local gymnastics clubs.


These are fun events that are designed to develop the athletes skills and experience. 


Organized into 4 levels – A, B, C and D


The Provincial Category


Athletes at the Provincial level compete against other athletes all throughout Ontario. 


Athletes qualify for the Ontario Provincial Championships via 3 qualifying competitions. 


Organized into 4 levels – 1, 2, 3 and 4


The National Level


Athletes at the National level take part in competitions all throughout Canada and the World.


Athletes at the National level are able to compete in the Olympics (if eligible) 


Organized into 4 levels – Novice (L5), Espoir (L6), Junior (17-) and Senior (18+)


COVID-19: Our Commitment To Your Safety


Here at Airborne Trampoline, we prioritize the health of everyone who enters our facility above all else. Now that the pandemic is becoming less of an issue, we’re able to host indoor events of all kinds. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t actively following all public safety precautions in accordance with provincial rules. Below you will find a list of our safety precautions that are designed to protect you and your family from the COVID-19 virus. 


Everyone who enters our facility is screened for COVID-19 upon entry

Masks are worn by everyone within the facility

All events are private. 

Frequent sanitization of all facility equipment


Anyone who wishes to enter our facility must display their vaccine passport and photo identification (or medical exemption) if they are 18 years or older. Children 17 years or younger do not have to show a vaccine passport.


Airborne Trampoline – Who We Are


Located in Cambridge Ontario, Airborne Trampoline KW is a recreational trampoline facility that is dedicated to training the world’s future Olympic athletes. We are proud members of both Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada, and all of our coaches are NCCP certified and highly trained. Although we are very well known for our competitive trampoline team, we also run recreational classes, open jump sessions, and birthday parties. For all questions and inquiries feel free to contact us or check out our website!




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